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Audio/Video Design Installation / Integration

Commercial Audio Video Design, Installation & Integration with System Automation Control in Pittsburgh is one of our specialties. We work with companies directly, as well as commercial general contractors, architects, interior designers, and information technology (I.T.) pro's to decipher the best Audio Visual and technology fit for their projects.

Existing Commercial Buildings & Facilities

The process of working with a commercial facility or organization depends on the type and scope of project at hand. Many corporate offices have needs when they move into existing office buildings. These companies need our solutions to design, install and integrate Audio/Video technology into their conference rooms, boardrooms, and to create efficient ways for company communications. These existing buildings require retrofit installation, and running wires and installing electronic equipment will be a custom fit solution based on the allotted space.

New Construction Audio/Visual and Technology Projects

New Construction facilities give us more time to design the layout of the office technology systems, including pre-wired plans, and equipment specs while working with contractors and designers to create the desired outcome. Office remodels also give this same type of time frame, as long as we are notified far enough in advance to create a designated plan for the space.

Advance Discovery and Related A/V & Automation System Design

Each and every commercial facility and buildng has its own unique design and construction, and this can make a job more difficult or seamless, depending on the specific conditions. We visit the site in advance and do a thorough walk through to evaluate the space for challenges related to system design and installation. Wireless technologies may be used at times.

Working Hand in Hand with our Clients

Below are some of the types of businesses and organizations that we work with, as well as some of the product solutions that will encompass these projects. There are literally thousands of electronic parts, components, and systems, and we use our tenure and experience to decipher what we specify on your project, but always work with you in achieving your organizations goals and desired outcome.

Areas of Audio Video Design & System Solutions:

  • Conference Rooms, Board Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Presentation Setup, Training Rooms, Corporate Communications & General Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Bars & Restaurants / Niteclubs
  • Banquet Rooms, Country Clubs, Wedding Venue Facilities
  • Schools
  • Medical/Retail/Office Development
  • Warehouse / Industrial

Commercial A/V System Distribution Components (Design & Installation):

  • Automation Devices - including Smart Remotes, Lighting System Control, Projector & Screen Syncing, Shades, Access Control Systems
  • IR (Infrared Repeater) Systems, Transmitter & Receiver
  • RF (Radio Frequency) Systems, Transmitter & Receiver
  • Matrix Switches, Digital Video Converters, etc.
  • Commercial Video Distribution Baluns for passing signal - VGA, Component, Cat5, HDMI, etc.
  • Audio Video Amplifiers, Speaker Selectors, Intercom Systems
  • AV Distribution - Switchers, Connectors, Wall Plates
  • Pro Audio and Video Systems
  • Projection Systems, Video Displays, Digital Signage,
  • Networking - Wireless or Wired networks, Wireless Access Points (WAPs), Cat 5, Cat 6 cabling solutions

Why Choose Us?

Otel Commercial Automation division is comprised of a group of technology professionals. After working together but separate for many years, we realized that we were a great fit to work together full time. We now have a combined team of experienced Home Automation Engineers, and Control 4 System programmers that have been professionally trained and seasoned with years of hands on experience.

Collectively, we have over 35 years of combined experience on staff. We can help create any Home Automation technology dream for your home or business space, or make yours come true. We offer many of the most professional and time tested Home Automation system brands in the industry, only available to truly professional firms.

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